requiem for greatness

there are no words.
only silence

yup, i wrote that poem. pretty good huh?

well maybe not, but holy shit. frank thomas released by the jays. as mentioned before, there are no words to describe this turn of events, there is only silence, waiting,

what the fuck am i doing with this poetry. my whole world is upside down. ahhhh i'm going fucking crazy here. i feel like i;m gonna be watching the game and the big hurts gonna come up to bat and say "happy belated april fools day guys" and then club (or belt) one out of the park. but probably not. good luck with all your endeavors frank. and i hope my message of good luck (see previous sentence) keep your spirits up in these difficult times.

but seriously, thanks for the good times, you will be missed.

more than reed johnson (sorry reed).

raps lost behind a back-breaking performance by jason kapono (back-breaking? what the fuck is wrong with me).

all round a bad day, but i'm staring to get my throw back so thats nice i guess.

rasho of the week: frank thomas.
well done my friend, see you in the hall

what the fuck, i'm not going to the hall

i gotta stop this madness

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