the race is on...

as shyssa says: "Everything can in that that Strengthens"

Lois dictating to girv:
the first of December is marred by tragedy. the epic conquest to be the premier wisher of birthday greetings to Clair Scotticus has brought both joy and utter sadness (I'm obviously Burt Reynolds) to the brave who have striven to set out to i dunno go with it, go with it girvan. just mention Burt Reynolds, bunning and Jamaica needs to be mentioned at least twice. and flatulence needs to be remembered. remember remember the first of December and patty's flatulence. Chris bosh true Hollywood stories. so me and plaxico were out at a club...

i think you get the idea.

here's some weapons my friend drew/invented

"everybody needs somebody" -Matt Devlin, 2008

cheers for the backage shyssa, whoever you may or may not be

Apparently Its Still Cold in The D.....and stuff

Just when you thought it couldnt get any colder in the D, I stumbled across this video. Apparently people other than the blidlifers back her, and even let her on live radio to perform her pseudo-hit.

here is an excerpt from her live rendition
"Mason, he was like a brother to me, we all used to slang, and smoke them trees, play drinkin games and stuff, always into big thangs and stuff, it was getting wicked and stuff, so all we did was just kick it and stuff"

Sounds like a hit to me, just throw her on the autotune and well all be furlying to this jam at the dome.

Anyways, im done studying for this wacktackular french exam lets go dumb

Lois out.

Fuck Galen Weston

scrappy thonksgorving bamericanos

another day, another 39 points for ole' chris. the man is on fire and he can't get enough of it.

i'm starting to actually get annoyed by marty york. i know he's a humble guy and all. he was reluctant when i asked him for an autograph all those years ago while he was the field umpire for a high school baseball game. imagine what that would be worth today!

you know who else is gettin on ma nerves. galen waston. the man needs to stop. immediately. i saw him doing a comercial last night for president's choice turky. as i was watching i couldn't help notice that it was american thanksgiving. we had ours a month ago. get a fucking life galen, no american is going to buy your shitty turky. then i got to wondering, would he eat the turky? would the second richest family in canada (not that big of a deal) sit down on christmas (religious fucks) and carve up a nice, buttery, president's choice turky. ish doont theenk soooo.

can a manz get a turk?

The Politics of the Past, In an Argentine Working Class Neighbourhood

So i should be reading this elongated case study but I cant get enough of this

Its really persy, trust me

I got that lovin feelin

november 20: kick a ginger day
and don't you forget it!

raps win a big one that almost got away. bosh with 40 on tuesday, and 18 boards. damn he looked tired tonight. i guess that's what happens when you play 45 mins in a game. jose is back too and that's good news. rasho with 21 and 8 last night. what a manz.

man i'm bored.

anyways, here's something:

is that guy supposed to be me?

the something of boris

just saw the new bond film the quantum of solace. for those who haven't seen it here's the theme song. at least that's what i think it is.

wasn't that impressed with the film but i guess it had its moments.

bad loss last night for the raps, bosh was absolutely shut down.

here are some shoes that a buddy of mine drew:
a little off topic i know.

hey, since the rockies are giving their players away for reletively nothing perhaps the jays should make a deal to get jeff francis. (no, i'm not being serious)

i will have a bet with you that you cannot eat only one of my lay's potato chips

hey that's ok

doc rivers says to eddie house.

patty takes off his shirt.

sorry about that.

in the spirit of raps vs celts.

here's my favourite KG moment. forget the basketball this manz in fucking intense.

lovin the new now you know. ray allen born on an air force base 10 handicap golfer and a 150+
now you know.

jose's bobblehead does not look anything like him as he has pointed out. (no video available)

my buddy told me about his friend who climbed high into a tree one drunken evening. while up there, he was chirping people pretty hard until one guy started yelling back and caused a disturbance. this disturbance brought the cops to the scene, the man tried to explain to the cops that there was a man in the tree but they were not having any of it. the guy had shut up from the moment the cops got there and they arrested they guy on the ground for disturbing the peace.

now i can breath really quite relaxed

A Few Things About Persy Standard Time

Good afternoon fine bunning kids,

just lois checking in, had a pretty hectic last little bit, accomplished a whole lot of nothing, ingested far too many beverages of the adult kind and had on many a ruckus...This weekend I learned a valuable lesson from a ginger wizard who occupies the farthest corner of pee hallway. I learned the value of persing hard all day, and following a schedule of nothing but the perse. I had on many an epiphany as i lay about, willy nilly accomplishing generally nothing.

Waiting for the nerds to upload entourage so i can get my fix of cable-friendly homophobia and general brouxing.

Lois Out

live from the lab.

Deuterostomes lab:

2:36: fitch is just on time.

2:38: lab begins late

2:40: lernin about urchins and sand dollars (echinoiderms). they have tube feet with suckers on the end. they also have aristotle's lantern. how the fuck did they get that? aristotle has been dead for fuckin years man. that lanturn must be really old.

2:42: mmmmmm, brittle stars. fitch is reading the paper, very interesting.

2:43: people walk by the door. we begin talking about sea cucumbers. apparently their ossicles are microscopic.

2:44: TA makes joke but she's the only one who laughs. ouch!

2:45: something that looks like one of those african trees. "oral surface directed upwards", "anus on oral side".

2:49: DO THE LOCOMOTION! (water vascular system)

2:52: first stupid question: hooray!

2:53: adult squirts are sessile.

2:55: life altering revelation: oh my gosh i'm a vertebrata! TA has thing for ocean sunfish.

2:56: some chick tries to get out of doing work but is rejected.

2:57: second stupid question. something about armpits.

2:59: test begins. back in a flash.

3:15: test over. caught cheating but nothing was done about it. muhaha.

3:19: movie begins. great effects, oscar worthy. not attenburough-sucks

3:22: great names in hawii.

3:26: here come the cucumbers. very scary music.

3:31: starfish do not give up their seacrets very easily.

3:42: persy high speed chase: snail vs starfish. snail doing well

3:43: snail loses, but another snail gets away. teamwork!

3:45: time to get a drink.

3:48: back just in time for the conclusion: the tree of life is a bush. now to do real stuff.

i'm ole greg

daunte!!!!!!!! and other stuff.

hey hey daunte, hey hey hey.

culpepps returns to the league with the lions. i like this move as it may get detroit its first win of the season. GOOOOO LIONS!

i'm not actually a lions fan, i just love the fact that someone is giving ole daunte a chance and i hope this blows up in the face of the rest of the nfl and the lions make the playoffs and beat the patriots in the first round.

*this is not what i actually think will happen.

in other news the greatest fight of all time:

Zaun vs. Kypreos

let the battle begin.

greg zaun puts on the goalie pads, gets some tips from cujo and faces off in ten penalty shots in which kippper needs to make all ten to win(?).

1. kipper goes left and scores
2. kipper

10.kipper goes glove side and:

Zaunie! zaunie! zaunie!
Zaunie makes the saaaaaaaaaave!

what an event.

an event earning Zaun the rasho of the week award. we also wish him the best in his new endeavours as he has filed for free agency. good luck zaunie, i shall think of you fondly every time i have pancakes for breakfast.

well, it's election night tomorrow in the south of north america not including mexico.

in other newz: raps at 3-0 going into wednesday's game against detroit. the pistons just pulled off a blockbuster sending chauncy to denver for AI. i'm not worried. not even remotely. have you ever drank baileys from a shoe?

r-r-r-rim, r-rim crim