i'd like to say a few words about leeches

yo, this one time i was waking through a swamp and my leg got covered in leeches. fuck that man. i ain't talking about the bloodsuckers, a little salt, or a hair will get rid of them easy. I'm talking about the fuckers that normally don't go to the bar on Thursdays but think since tomorrow is a holiday, they can get some drinking in. fuck these leeches. they come out one Thursday per year and take the place of the regulars. if you drink a lot, you know who I'm talking about. if you drink whenever it's convenient to you, you are who I'm talking about. and you should be ashamed of yourself. to all those bar leeches: fuck you very much and i hope your hangover gives you infinite amounts of pain, suffering, and vomiting because you have no tolerance and you've got a fucking weak system. and because you fucking deserve it you inconsiderate asshole.
learn some fucking respect.

and have a glorious evening