First Beej of the Season

Man, that felt good. at first the triple by marlon byrd was a little frightening but I suppose that's a good way to get rid of a year of rust. the beej promptly embarrassed the next tree batters to get his first save in his first appearance of the year. by the way, in case your that slow: I am, in fact, talking about baseball. the Jays get a sweep of Texas in Arlington for the first time in 23 years. AJ with a sub par outing but a good showing from the offense.

raps lost today behind yet another flawless Rasho performance. oh, and bosh had a good night too. speaking of the franchise, check this out. Nothing but class, maybe he reads Blid Life. well Jamario moon reads the rookie rankings, and I didn't even know he could read.

well, I guess that's it

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