ahoy from camp

anyone catch the celtics/bulls game last night. wicked. i'm here at camp safely for those who were worried about me.

on an unrelated note, those who want to send me mail can send it to:

1143 kandalore rd
RR#2 minden ont
K0M 2K0

hey lois, when willy's puts up the site could you put the address on blidlife. thanks.

this should have been an email

jersey musings

just watching the game here and jarrod saltalamacchia is hitting. don't you love it when a player's name curves around the jersey.

perhaps someday someone will have a name that goes all the way around the number.

speaking of jerseys. anyone see the washington "Natinals" the other night. check out the comment where the nats put the N upside down. someone's getting fired.

youssarian you fuck

that's my boy

point pleasant park was just the bee's knees yesterday and as we come to the end of yet another glorious school year it is important to enjoy the outdoors on those kinds of days. for the current location of the white door you can now follow the link on the sidebar.

so how about them jays? 10-4 and firing on all cylinders. it's good to see the team in such good spirits and joking about each other.

i made a gingerbread house today but it's not gingerbread. it's just vanilla cake with candy and icing. if anybody want's one they're 50% off and like $2 at superstore on barrington. everybody needs a hobby.

vernon you manz

it's totally nails!

it is just the most beautiful of days today. walking around our great city this afternoon i couldn't help but curse myself for not putting shorts on this morning. my usually reliable desktop weather update told me it was a measly one degree. lies!

went to st. mary's today to try and fix the unbelievable cock-up caused my the unfathomable barry lesser. although i had no idea where i was going i decided to find the most administrative looking building. and what do you know, i was right. everything's comin' up girvan.

so the jays are killing it. let me say that again. the jays are killing it. yea, you gotta love it. hill (ma boy), is loving not being concussed, snider is loving having big muscles and LL cool J is loving being LL cool J.

post old spice of course

Day of Reckoning/For my Cuttys Fridays vol 1

Good Morning fine Blid Nation, its your cutty Lois here, Attempting to Study. Its the day before an exam and im stuck at home listening to the Pack and going dumb silently. I should be studying but I want to watch Young L videos for days and scrape with the cuttys down the block...........

Weathers getting nice again, another distraction which usually leads to poor(er) performance on exams, but who really cares.

anyways, here are some sick videos ive been stuck on as of recently..so peep game, and study hard kids

Young L-Floss Hard

Hiatus Living/Asleep In The Bread Aisle

Oh crap, I almost forgot about my manz over here at blidlife, and I realize thats its been a minute since Ive been on this piece, but alas I return. Not only do I return with some blid bidnesss, I also am here to shamelessly plug the album which I think will be the biggest/best album of 2009, Asleep in the Bread Aisle by young Asher Roth.

Ive been on the Asher Roth tip since he released the greenhouse effect over the summer, probably my favourite rapper as of right now. Sick flow and hes down with blid living and the college lifestyle that I tend to deal with hecticly.

anyway, It comes out on 420 so if mens arent too twiss, go out and buy it...Im gonna grips at least 2 copies..

We so nice right now,

the college team i root for is superior to the college team you root for.

Michigan st. is going to the national championship! and i didn't even do anything.

sorry to see villanova go but you can't win 'em all. my heart goes out to all the nova and uconn fans but especially fitch who may or may not have had the night of his life last night. i'm leaning towards not.

speaking of last night, adventures abound for lois and i. we met this girl who wanted us to call her nicha (not sure how to spell it) because she was using her sister's id. found out later that her name was actually tessa. where do people come up with this shit for their children. it's like they put all the scrabble letters into a hat, pick five and there's your child's name.

went to 8east after and watched numerous scraps and kids getting booked while all these chumps were coming out of pacifico (ie. the devil's house).

and here's some parting advice, it takes 5 people to finish a torpedo keg, 4 just doesn't cut it these days. also, even though exams are upon us and we all have shit to do we should not neglect our duty to the sweet nectar.

and for god sakes don't drink the bong water