Lifes a Gamblor

Mens are cutting the cheese like whoaingtons...........blood


I honestly have no idea what the title means, Im fairly hungover...on another note, last night was fairly jokestastic, mens juicing on the porch in the finest form, followed  by  a little visito by the Chilean navy, who brought over this drink i think that had cognac and tequila in it, regardless....It tasted like water

Mens are posting all over this fine city for the first bit of the summer, getting my class tip on and of course my sunburn tip...

Anyway, im mad hungover and pretty cheesled about not being able to catch the last 5 minutes of criminal minds, damn you rapidshare..
back to the cave

your boy, 

hey you guys

was ap?

it's the girv, i'm like a cheap ho. but not really. whitelaw would never describe me as such however if he were to be describing himself; that would be a whole new ballgame. speaking of ballgames. how about those jays. gotta love this shit.

was in TO last night for a couple of hours. maybe you saw me but probably not. if anyone is wondering what happened to the answer. it's gone. endo storyo.

here's a fun little thing

and here's another:

just went on on a little 45 minute canoe trip to get some beers. little buggy on the portage though. and we broke the seat on the canoe. oops.

hey lois are you still alive or what?

post something