BIG news!

Hey everybody, we now have comments. After days of not being able to get constructive feedback from our loyal readers (Monica). I have found a way for you all to leave comments. it's very technical but I essentially just spent thirty seconds looking for the button to enable comments and then clicked on it. I am so talented.

So feel free to tell us what huge nerds we are for having a blog. However, be prepared for me to reply by reminding you that you're the one leaving comments on said blog and are, in fact, quite the nerd yourself.

anyway, to business:

jays lost tonight but fought to the end. so much for the big hurt's april slump, I'm not sure why it took him so long to realize that the key to finding one's rhythm is to actually participate in spring training.

as you may have seen (if you haven't check it out), I have started a little tradition called: "a few words about...". it is my firm belief that knowledge is power (G.I. Joe anyone?), and what better way to learn than from an internet blog run by the two bliddest kids in the world (one of whom doesn't even smoke). need i say more? watch for future installments.

don't bite the hand that feeds ya


Girv said...

Look! I'm posting a comment!

Monica said...

am i the only reader? actually? haha
i will post lots and lots of comments for u boys...

ps elephant seals are freaky