Bake Your Own Ziti

The newest sensation out of the chi since Kanye West and Deep Dish Pizza, The Cool Kids are currently making headlines with their throwback rap attacks....Their Album The Flossed Out EP was highly revered and critically acclaimed, they to quote the lyrical genius Mike Jones, have the internet going nuts..

I highly recommend downloading their album

On another note....Guilty Simpson. If you dont know the name do it up

the glory of tradition

Sunday morning dim sum has never tasted better. we go every three week and it might be the greatest tradition of all time. fuck Christmas, this is so much better, I've never even met Jesus why should I celebrate his fucking birthday.

anyways good night overall, got juiced, escaped the drunk tank and won a walking race.

now to business:
raps play the hornets tonight as Mo Pete comes home. if this guy doesn't get a standing ovation, I'm gonna go to Toronto and personally beat the shit out of every fan in that stadium. the man deserves a purple heart. if we can stop the fury that is Chris Paul and win this one we'll be well on our way to a vary nice winning streak.

on another, more serious note: our inaugural Rasho award goes out out too...
dah dah dah dah:

for not only losing his wallet, but also half of his pants. very impressive keep up the good work.

well, I got some cookies in the oven that require my attention.

don't forget to zip up after you use the toilet

it's hot dog season

girv here,

thats right folks. spring is here and the hot dogs are cooking, i know that a toaster oven is an odd place to cook a hot dog, and I'm came pretty close to setting off the fire alarm. oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained i suppose.

the jays released sal fasano, I'm not too happy with JP on this one, I'm a firm believer in the clubhouse atmosphere and think that a team that doesn't get along has no chance of winning anything. sal will be missed and i hope he finds a home.

on that note, our old pal reed johnson got 1.3 mil from the cubbies for a year of services. perhaps reed is the final piece the cubs need to end their absurdly long drought and bring the championship home on the 100th anniversary of the team's last win . then again, perhaps not.

raps-pistons tonight, look for rasho to have a big game. no particular reason, i'm always looking for rasho to have a big game, and he never disappoints. except when he plays poorly.

NCAA regionals this weekend, spartans have their toughest matchup yet. fuck memphis, we can take them.

so far I'm 2 for 2 on beat the streak, that means I'm tied for the lead. that $1, 000,000 is mine. next: chipper jones.

well thats it

Library Persing

Its nice out, why am i here..the age old conflict between sunlight and scholarly adventures comes to mind

I woke up this morning to a very bright and warm light portruding through my makeshift blinds and I was energized to enjoy the nice weather which is usually a statistical anomaly for Halifax during the spring...So i made myself some tea, some alphabits with milk and did some studying..It was time to go outside and I realized that I had left my sunglasses at Claires and that it was really sunny..So i squinted and walked over to retrieve them..

Anyways I digress..i should be studying

I reiterate..Its warm out, be outside

Good night sweet prince

after five years of ups, downs, and batting glove adjustments, Reed Johnson has been released from the Toronto Blue Jays. this paves the way for a Matt Stairs/Shannon Stewart left field platoon. i was never sure who i wanted to platoon with stairs, Stewart has the ability to hit both righties and lefties, while reed has a cannon and plays great defense. i trust gibby's decision and love stewart but it's sad to see reed drive away into the sunset. especially if he's driving his Shelby Cobra:


hoppy easter

see what i did there?
i spelled happy wrong to make it like something a bunny would do, because bunnys have something to do with easter, i think it's cause jesus had big ears. i think i'm still drunk from last night.

anyways, i'd like to take this time to discuss johnny macleans. coke, bourbon, grenadine, and bitters. the amounts i will take to the grave. but try to figure it out, and have a few in a very short time. the alcohol, caffeine, and sugar are a deadly combo. don't use red bull though because red bull is for pricks who want to get really excited about something but don't want to put in the time or effort to actually get insanely hyperactive. these people need to be smashed across the face with a large pipe wrench. maybe that'll get them off their ass.

oh well

i'd like to say a few words about leeches

yo, this one time i was waking through a swamp and my leg got covered in leeches. fuck that man. i ain't talking about the bloodsuckers, a little salt, or a hair will get rid of them easy. I'm talking about the fuckers that normally don't go to the bar on Thursdays but think since tomorrow is a holiday, they can get some drinking in. fuck these leeches. they come out one Thursday per year and take the place of the regulars. if you drink a lot, you know who I'm talking about. if you drink whenever it's convenient to you, you are who I'm talking about. and you should be ashamed of yourself. to all those bar leeches: fuck you very much and i hope your hangover gives you infinite amounts of pain, suffering, and vomiting because you have no tolerance and you've got a fucking weak system. and because you fucking deserve it you inconsiderate asshole.
learn some fucking respect.

and have a glorious evening

Girv Checks In

caught most of the raps game last night, holy shit. 96-54? I think our defense is back, perhaps the return of Chris Bosh had something to do with it. Rasho with 12 and 4 boards in 30 minutes, 6 for 9 and a team leading +30 rating. so thats not a spectacular run but had he stared instead of Bargnani I'm sure we would have seen more production. not that i have anything against the masked menace, unlike some (uncle Benson). bosh was a little off going 2 for 10, but what do you expect from a guy who hasn't played in ten games.

rush hour 3 was a disappointment, but you gotta see the end of the series. too many cheap laughs, and references to previous movies. also very predictable, and the bloopers in the credits are getting pretty old. either they're fake or these are the two dumbest fucks in the world (aside from Jamario moon of course).

Roberto Alomar gets the call for the wall of excellence. great news but I'm not sure where they're gonna put him, theres no more room on that wall. he said when he gets into the hall he wants to go in as a blue jay: 17 seasons, career .300 average, .984 fielding percentage, 10 consecutive gold gloves (most underrated trophy in baseball), 1992 alcs mvp, 12 time all star. gotta love it!

Oreo cakesters are the next big thing that won't last a year. too bad, they're great.

tonight: johnny macleans, lost, and $6 pitchers.


Crunchy Tunes Of the Week

Here's the list of songs that I deem bumpworthy this week

2. You Must Love Me-Juelz Santana
3. Smile Remix-Wale ft Lilly Allen
9.Flashing Lights(Diplo Remix)-Kanye West
10.Rock The Spot-Bash Bros ft Big Pooh and Sean Price

Those are the tunes I deem crunchworthy for astral travelling and general more dilla if you arent aware

Things That Go Perse In The Night

Perse Perse, welcome to the first installment of things that go perse in the night...tonights topic. The art of Manz

Manz: A word used to describe a male or group of males..derived from the word manzeus
Manzing: The Act of being a manz

Now that weve cleared that up, let me list off a list of manz that i deem important

1.Gary Busey
2.Barack Obama
3.Saul Cohen
4.Senator Elliot Spitzer
5.Hank Williams

thoughts on blade runner

too much, just too much.


girv here,
welcome to blid life, a blog created by myself and the members of the house whose address I'll leave out for obvious reasons.

that's enough of an intro.

just sitting here watchin' blade runner with the boys, and talking about carrot cake. personally i don't like carrot cake, the chunks of carrot among the soft cake, the mouth feel is terrible. Benson thinks were watching star wars. he says if he saw someone eating an eyeball, he would gag

on another note, TJ Ford needs a vacation. i recommend papa new guinea, maybe if he lived with cannibals for awhile, he'd learn to appreciate being second best. but seriously, I'm a big fan of TJ, he's been through so much this year. he just needs to reevaluate his situation and learn his place and help the team. wednesday's game is a must win, the team needs to learn how to play defense without bosh.

meanwhile, in Florida, the jays play the red sox tomorrow, it's our regular lineup batting against dice-k. the guy is a great pitcher but is over hyped. the media attention he got last year was too much. it's like the Kobe fans this year. this guy has an excellent collection of Kobe fan shit. my favourite is the guy who thinks shaq day should be march 32nd.

on a more somber note, the drummer of ABBA just died. normally i wouldn't care but he fell through a pane of glass and cut his throat. i can't help but feel bad for the guy.

that's all i got for now, Harrison ford's chasin' some chick in a saran wrap jacket through the street.