blood fiyah(sic)

whats persing fine friends and foes, its lois here checking in from the screwface capital(toronto). its been a pretty perse summer, mad chilling on the yeast coast and variable amounts of sussing back in toronto..Girv, message me when youre back in toronto..we must dank various dankables and your blid ratings are required..all i can say is borneo mixed with jet fuel with a hint of raspberry...jeahhh

anyways, google andy milionakis zombie for a  larf or several

your homie

miss me yet?

just chillin here at la campo. apparently lois can't take time out of her rigorous schedule to post so i will instead. been having fun here went on a trip with all the trippers which can be summed up in this picture:

then i took my whitewater rescue technician course which can be summed up in this video:
(it's me on what can only be described as a zipline through water)

so, derosen eh? looks like a good guy. i'm down.

hope yall are having a good time wherever you are.

by the way check this shit out: