oh hey

girv here, just checking in on this fine young morning to muse about various things that i just need to muse about.

we have a new friend: matt devlin.

the new voice of the raps. now i know that we all love chuck and we miss him, however, this is no reason to judge matt poorly. he's not chuck but that doesn't mean he isn't good. i think we should all give matt the benefit of the doubt.

well i got stuff to do.

wait, no i don't

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Good Afternoon Fine blidaterians,

In an effort to get a discount from an internet fashion retailer, I filled out a form to become a member of the street team here is an excerpt from the application

Interests: Blidding, the art of gwopping, Movies about gwopzilla, and persing in various forms
Music: Bach, Sesame Street, Chopped and Screwed Christmas Albums, Tom Jones, Disney Soundtracks
Movies: Alvin and the Chipmunks, Shawshank Redemption, Lethal Weapon 3, Gwopzilla 14: Gwopping in Colonial Times

My application was accepted, so apparently I am what they call a "fashion trendsetter" and worthy of promoting their website...NEedless to say, shipping was too much, so bonna that tingaling


Stupid Doo Doo Dumb

Main Entry: hyphy Pronunciation: "HIGH-fee" Function: adjective Etymology:
Etymology: San Francisco Bay Area, shortened perhaps from English dialect "hyperactive"; other sources cite a combination of "hype" and "fly." Popularized by E-40 and the Federation's song "Hyphy" (2004); first known use on record by Keak Da Sneak in 1998 (on "Cool," from his LP Sneakacidle).
1 : dangerous and irrational: CRAZY;
2 : amusingly eccentric; without inhibition: GOOFY
"They were getting hyphy up in the club Saturday night."

Perse Gang Records presents Fan Mail vol 2...That Purp

Good afternoon fine internetarians and fellow blid life followers, Due to our hiatus and scarce postings, our mailbags have been filling up with curious readers pondering as to where we have been, and occasional hollywood executives sending us offers for movie deals roughly based on our lives(but we turn them down...in an effort to fight the system and keep it real) Anyways, we pruned down the mail and got rid of fitch's daily love letters, and we were left with some real gems....And we present them to you,complete with responses by yours truly.

Letter 1:

Dear Girv, Ive just wanted to let you know that basically you are my hero...Over here in Slovenia, your selfless and comprehensive site on Rasho is the number 2 most popular site in our fair republic, after Lois' profile on lavalife..We just wanted to commend you, and if you ever make it to our frigid wonderland, we will have a parade and make sacrifices in your honour.

Regards, Radoslav Nesterovic the fifth

Our Response:

Well hey man, unfortunately Girv is out of reach right now but ill forsure let him know...We always appreciate the goodwill especially from Slovenians like yourself, On behalf of blidlife we will be sending you some of the persiest nug for your cotting purposes...

Keep Bunning,
Love Lois

Hey guys, keep bunning, I love you

Umm...hey fitch, thanks i guesss.youre a pretty swell guy..anyway, enjoy your persing

Dear Blidlife

Im just a kid who wants to do hoodrat things with my friends, i picked up my buddy who smokes with cigarettes and went joyriding, I am currently incarcerated in a high security prison, and its not really persy..I just want to let you guys know that you keep me going everyday
Latarian Milton

Thanks Latarian, id just like to start off by saying im a big fan of your work, and because of you and your buddy, i smoke with cigarettes and do hoodrat things with my friends...Its always humbling when one of your idols reads your blog and even goes as far as writing to it..anyways, when you get out, look me up,well do hoodrat things with my friends
einhorn out

Dear Blidlife, I am still writing to voice my opposition to the blasphemy and blatant lies you are publishing on your site, my young patterson is still a ginger kid who is easily indoctrinated..Im still trying to find out your location so i can send the appropriate authorities, but i urge you to stop before it gets to that...Patty is still telling me to "chill" my proverbial peen

Dear Lady,
Suck it

Word Life

Whats going on folks, Lois here, reporting from the world of working stiffs and municipal code, This fair morning, i started my latest foray into the world of legitimate employment...I will say tho, that after being free and all willy nilly for the first two months of the summer, this foray will take all of my cunning to legitimately sit still during the work week...That being said, the one thing that gets me through the days here is the enjoyment of going home, entering a world of blid and watching the wire...Which i might add is persy

Anyways, my new slogan on life is WWJD-What would Jeezy do

And in this case ill borrow a lyric from one of my favourite tracks
"Hit the trap till my pockets swoll...Hit the mall, then hit the trap some mo"