library persing?

sorry lois, couldn't think of a better title for a blog post from the library. sad, i know. anyway, just sittin' here, got dylan on the turntable and I'm doin' some physics.

you may notice we have a poll going. if not look to the right. -->
feel free to vote, but keep in mind the fact that rasho led the team in points last night with 20 and 7 boards. when was the last time lebron led his team in points? well, whatever.

speaking of the "Slovienian Slayer" (thanks huggy the bear), our rasho award goes out to:
Dr. Barry Lesser, that's right folks! (need I say more?)

watched my first full episode of cheers last night. Woody Harrelson provides an Oscar worthy performance and Ted Danson is the fucking man. Maybe I should get a psychiatrist.jays with a tough loss last night. McGowan just can't get any run support.

raps get the six seed, we're goin' to Disney World!
don't block the fire exit

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