home opener notes, and other musings

50, 000 in attendance at Skydome for the home opener last night. jays win over the tim wakefield red sox with shaun marcum having a huge night. 7 innings, 3 hits, 3 er, 1 bb, 8 k. alex rios and my boy: aaron hill both with very persy contracts. a very good day overall, but wit a few sore points. apparentsly there were some streakers on the field without their shirts on, one was a girl but she was still wearing a bra. these people need to be drowned in a fishbowl. if your gonna streak, you streak, none of this half assed bullshit. normally i would say that these people shouldn't have had anything to hide, but after seeing this:

ok, so maybe the woman should have left her shirt on. or just get outside more and do a little exercise, then maybe you wouldn't have gotten caught so easily.

loved th powder blues and the alomar ceremony. can we just switch back permanently?

on a sour note, my beat the streak streak is over at 4, thanks to magglio and the rest of the tigers (with the exception of renteria) not being able to get a hit off this guy:

what the fuck!

i'm back at one now though

raps: last night rasho with 23 and 10, holy shit! fuck kobe, rasho for MVP! this guy is off the motherfucking charts!

too much?

anyways, today the jays go up against clay "wundrkid" buchholtz (theres defiantly something wrong when your first name is something you would find in the ground, your last name has consecutive "h"s and a "z", and your nickname is spelled wrong) if we can win this one, it'll be doc going for the sweep against josh beckett. sweet!

raps nets tonight, if we cant beat these guys, who can we beat?

good luck with life

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