big sweep

jays win, jays win. a great game on all fronts. halladay with a very solid outing, accardo with the save, beckett with the loss, big hurt gets a grand slam, wells is back to his old self, and johnny mac is incredible. jays get the sweep on the sox, something that should help us for a few reasons: confidence, standings, and confidence. well done boys, now lets look to exploit the jet-lagged a's as well.

my beat the streak streak (bss) is at 3 now with ichiro, guillen, and reyes up next.

disappointing loss for the raps, we need to get some perimeter defense, this is ridiculous. rasho with 22 and 14. two double doubles in as many nights? you've got to be kidding me.

our rasho award for this week goes to the man rasho himself, this is the first time rasho has won his own award and probably won't be the last.

i would also like to give a shout-out to lois for his bliddest post yet.

jesus says hi

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