well, the jays lost the opener to the yanks (fuckers), but it was a hard fought battle. the offense generated some good hits and we started to use the running game. I've always been a fan of base stealing, and our team seems to have some legs out there. hill 1-4 with a double. Shannon Stewart had the first hit of the season and capped it off with an RBI. take that reed johnson (but seriously, just kidding). both doc and Chien-Ming "Tiny" Wang pitched well and joba "lord of the flies" chamberlain had a nice inning too but he still hasn't convinced me.

is it just me, or is rod black the biggest tool since carlos tosca.

that's right, Carlos Tosca.

so my beat the streak streak is alive and well as carlos delgado hits a single against the florida marlins. hill also had a hit tonight and i may get credit for having chosen him last night. so i'm either at 4 or 5. next up: magglio "jackie chan" ordonez then carl crawford.

wish me luck