A Few Words About Blacking Out

Good afternoon fine bliditereans,

I apologize for my hiatus from the blidlife blog, I received numerous emails asking if i was incarcerated, abducted or perhaps just too blid to get on this....And i reassure you, I was far too busy indulging myself in the life of blid to write on here....But I'm back

Last evening I had quite an experience, or I believe I did. Thanks to many cans of Lowenbrau combined with swigs of Whisky, I put myself into the autodrive known as a blackout and had some fun apparently. My first thoughts this morning was, hey where did i go last night, and...why is my head throbbing. I pieced together most of my night, and encountered some flipped household appliances and a half-eaten shawarma in the fridge, leading me to believe that at some point I had a shawarma, and a mini-ruckus...
anyways, im mad hungover, and in a denim mood so ill leave you with some wisdom 

Young dro at his finest...

Einhorn out

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