I'm not sure if you've heard but george carlin is dead.

take a few moments to let this sink in.

please do not cry, he led the life he wanted to lead and we should all be proud of his accomplishments.

keep it together

Requiem For A Rasho

First Chuck, Now Rasho...Whats happening here, unless Jermaine O'neal becomes suddenly slovenian overnight or loses the ability to hit three point shots, there will always be a hole in my heart. Here are a couple Rasho moments that made Rasho(Radoslav), the Slovenian Superstar that he is
On a slightly more upbeat note, Wanted was a terrible movie, but im fairly excited for This movie 
Should be fairly perse gang...anyways

If you see me on the streets splashing, this will explain everything
Lois out

don't be depressed

we all go through life willy-nilly and happy until something changes or we lose something. what we must all realize is that change is a part of life, and anything that we lose stays with us in our hearts and memories.

these recent months have certainly been a time of loss and change. reed, frank, gibby, ernie, gary, chuck, and now rasho. though rasho is gone we will still retain our status as his official fan site. goodbye my friend, you will be missed.

as for the jays staff, i can't say i agree with the release of gary and ernie, however i do beleive it was gibby's time. welcome back cito. you won't get any negative thoughts from me.

well, whatever

Bake Your Own Ziti: Words I Know That You Dont...Youre Complete Guide to Understanding Lois

Good Evening ladies and gentleman, I am currently gwopping out all kinds at Lake Louise, ooking out over the vast busloads of asian tourists posing or pictures, pretty noodle nation...yadididamean

Anyways, here are some words that I use that you all should it is detrimental to your living, and to my quest to indoctrinate the youths with the patois of lois Einhorn

Gwop(ping)(ped out)(ular): Gwop is a word used to describe cash money, aka cheese aka cheddar aka fettucine aka stacks...Gwopping is the act of being gwoptastic or gwoptacular while remaining gwopped out.
"Yo, What's thizzing rat master, shredder is gwopping out all kinds with April, Gwop Team Assemble"

Personal: Personal is the word used to substitutute the overused and played out word Persy.
"Yo, That New Weezy album is really personal"

stay tuned folks....

and....Listen to Asher Roth

Einhorn out


ok so my last e-mail was met by anger and aggression as the administrator deemed it "inappropriate ". so i responded again by saying: "Listen, I was just giving some feedback to your well proofread e-mail. i don't need you guys telling me I was inappropriate, I know I was inappropriate. The only question is: do you know how inappropriate it is to send an e-mail to a whole fuckload of people with obvious errors in it. I don't think you do. maybe you should lighten up a bit and pull that huge stick out of your ass. do you really thing you can plan a large event with such an uptight attitude. Jesus Christ, your gonna have a heart attack before you even get to order the balloons. Just because we graduated from the same place doesn't give you the authority to deem my e-mails inappropriate. Please don't take this as a message of hate. I was just slightly annoyed that my fairly friendly response to a poorly written e-mail was met with such anger and offense. hey man, I'm just trying to help.

give Fredricks my best

jus keepin' yall posted

good to know

hey folks, its the girv again. just got an e-mail from the alma matter NTCI about the impending 100th anniversary. it's in the year 2012 and i think we should all go. heres the e-mail:

NT will be holding its 100the reunion on May 9-112, 2012. Alumni interested in helping to organize this event are invited to an organizational meeting on Monday June 16th in L8 at NTCI at 7 pm. Information on committees is attached.

and heres my response:

Well, I think we should we should have green balloons. I heard somewhere that green was a good colour for 100the(?) reunion. This guy I knew, he tuned 100 and they had green balloons and he hooked up with like twenty more chicks before he kicked the bucket.

Also, I think we should go to may 113 instead of may 112, 103 days really isn't enough time to celebrate the legacy that is North Toronto.


p.s. Give my regards to Fredricks, I hear he's dong well in his new position.

hope you guys are doin good

Pay Jay

Yo yo yo....So, this past week, while I was in the process of recuperating from my trip, I was surfing the interweb latenite, and stumbled upon something which has since brought yours truly considerable amounts of joy. I discovered, that one of my favourite musicians(Dilla) had recorded another album shortly before his untimely death, and that it was being held from release by MCA records...Usually as a fan I would have waited and bought the album, but some further investigating revealed that even if I were to wait for it and purchase it..none of the funds would go to Ma Dukes or any of the surviving Yancey Clan...So i urge you all to download the album...

-Lois "Diamonds" Einhorn

I Picked Up My Friend Who Smokes With Cigarettes

I wanna do hoodrat stuff with my friends


So Im pretty sure Latarian Milton is my favourite person in the world