10 Fucking Years

Saw the Blade Runner sequel a few months ago, it was pretty good. I wonder if Rasho saw it, bet he loves that shit. That's all I've got Girv

it lives!

"Since 2014 Rasho Nesterovic holds a position as a Secretary-General of Basketball Federation of Slovenia. In 2015 he was elected a member of FIBA commission of players"

And On The Fifth Day, He Bunned

Hey guys,

Its been awhile since Ive graced the proverbial pages of blidlife with my intelligent musings, however I am back with a vengeance(of sorts). Looking back over the memories which served as the inspiration for many of these alcohol fueled rantings, I get pretty stoked at it.

Sorry, got distracted, google Jos. A Bank Clothiers, best kind.

Anyways Its been fun,



Well, it's been a long run. Two years to the day to be exact. We've come a long way from that fateful night watching blade runner and trying to figure out what was going on. In recent years I've been told that that movie is a classic but I still think it's just too much. It's been a long time since our last post. since the days of patty the pigeon I've taken in a cat, been to the promise land (St. Johns) and we've all been havin' a time.

On that day in september, when I found that little bird at 8-east I reaized something: Life is more than just being a persey kid, sometimes you just have to roll with the changes (REO Speedwagon - You can tune a piano but you can't tuna fish). Sometimes you have to move on, and just like patty moved on (both of them), we have done the same. From Charlie to wee hipster, from anti-facebook to anti-chat roulette, we all have to grow up. And it is on this fateful night, two years after that other night, that we finally say goodbye to Blidlife. We had some good times but we all have to move on. If you still visit this blog I must ask you to stop, as it no longer has any meaning to anyone. So I leave you with a parting note, the best advice I've ever given.

Never swing on the Girv Curve
Girv and Lois

The Adventures Of Patty The Pigeon

1:30 AM: age discrimination

2:00 AM: head to 8-east and then go to 7-west to check out the kids getting booked at pacifico. find a pigeon sitting on the ground and discover that it cannot fly. carry the pigeon to willy's where the asshole of the year pours an entire can of iced tea on the bird while i'm holding it in my hands.

2:30 AM: get patty to the man cave where it sits outside for awhile.

3:00 AM: get patty to the watchtower and feed it some bread on the balcony, then leave it to rest.

11:00 AM: get patty some breakfast.

3:30 PM: other pigeons start visiting patty on the balcony.

5:00 PM: fire alarm goes off. check on patty only to find that he's gone. so sign of him on the balcony or anywhere on the ground around the building. conduct extensive search with no results. patty presumed alive and flying. cockles of heart begin to warm up.

fly free my friends

I'd Like To Say A Few Words About Facebook

jesus it's been awhile since i did one of these but hey, what can you do?

for the past (insert amount of time facebook has been popular) i have been boycotting facebook. not because i thought it's existence was a crime against humanity (twitter), but because i thought it was being used improperly and i didn't want to be sucked into the culture. i used to feel the same way about cell phones, i saw people talking on the phone in the car, in restaurants, in movies, and while being served at the grocery store. i thought to myself that i would never be that rude and that i would never get a cell phone. then i found out that the phone in my apartment didn't really work. i was forced to get a cell phone, something i saw as a "big deal". not true. i don't do any of the things i hated about people who use cell phones. i realized that there was nothing wrong with the concept or the technology but it was how people were using the technology. so when i heard about facebook i saw people on huge ego trips measuring their worth by how many "friends" they had, and by scowering the web looking at pictures of themselves as if they had forgotten what they look like. well, that's what i have a mirror for, and if i need a website to tell me who my friends are, then i probably don't have any real friends at all. i was so afraid of a website changing who i was that i cut myself off from it completely. what i didn't realize was that facebook could keep me in touch with people i hadn't seen in a long tome, or get in contact with someone who checks facebook more often than their e-mail (ie. everyone). i realized that getting facebook was no bigger a deal than buying a new set of spoons for your kitchen. sure it's a change, probably for the better, but who really cares. so now i have facebook.

add me if you can find me

now you know

Road Trippin

first off, apologies to those who are pissed off at the fact that we have not blogged since we got back home. i can only cite our laziness as the cause and hope that you understand. as for the trip here it was fitch and the girv in the most reliable vehicle in the world. here's a recap:

broke gott's mom's jam before we even left (it was wrapped in the bathrobe).

had a pretty good time through ontario but just before we hit quebec the enine started to overheat. we took a look under the hood and realized that there was a coolant leak. so we high-tailed it to a truck repair station where a lovely old machanic named larry(?) and his young apprentice helped us out. turns out the cap for the fluid was loose and the coolant was spewing everywhere. anyways we learned that a good quick fix for a radiator leak is to drop a couple of eggs into the coolant lines. hum. after that we had dinner at a subway with the most open floorspace you will ever see in a submarine shop. anyways, montreal was a complete disaster. we drove about 10 km into the city and were told we had to turn around and go back the way we came then go around the city because of some small construction. the rest of montreal can only described through the muse of video:

we stopped at a motel outside of montreal and got going early the next day. although it is a nice drive, there wasn't much that happened. new brunswick sucks. here are some visuals:

Persy apples

Gasin' up



The sea

let it begin

here's a recap:





blood fiyah(sic)

whats persing fine friends and foes, its lois here checking in from the screwface capital(toronto). its been a pretty perse summer, mad chilling on the yeast coast and variable amounts of sussing back in toronto..Girv, message me when youre back in toronto..we must dank various dankables and your blid ratings are required..all i can say is borneo mixed with jet fuel with a hint of raspberry...jeahhh

anyways, google andy milionakis zombie for a  larf or several

your homie