Fan Mail

This letter was sent in by Jason Jennings of West MiddleField Shire.
Hey Guys,
Im kind of the persiest guy in my small hamlet, which doesnt say much, but still I like to flaunt my persiness as much as possible. I would like to attribute all of the persiness I have acquired to the wonderful writing staff at Blid Life. I would like to let you know that up until last month, I had no idea how persy I was, or what persy even was..But After cotting through your perse, I can now proudly flaunt my smugness and exhibit random acts of perse throughout my hamlet!
Stay Bunning,
Yours Truly,
This one comes from Peggy PrettyPersey Of New Jersey
Dear Guys,
As the mother of a young and impressionable son who has access to the internet and it seems a growing interest in all things persy, I would like to say, shame on you, shame on all of you...Due to your hateful and pro-drug propoganda, I have caught my little Patterson "bunning" on many occasions, and when I catch him, he tells me to chill my peen. I have reported you to the local authorities with the hope that they catch you indoctrinating hippie draft dodgers.

Go to hell,
And sometimes, due to our amazing fan base and wealth of knowledge we get male from readers, who are sometimes confused and seek help from us
Hey guys,
Im 19 and really bunned and wanted to I Gay(please dont post this)
-Matt Fitch

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Monica said...

are u really gay matt?