The land of the rising bun

Oh crap, its been awhile eh, sorry to our reader(s) for not keeping up on the blog tip but mid terms and some boom bliddery has kept me away from my keyboard..but enough with the excuses, i am currently situated in my hotel room on the 35th floor looking out over the vast expanse which is tokyo, it is pretty foggy, but i can see alot, next buildings and people generally frolicking..Due to this little thing called jetlag ive been up since 3am watching taken and assorted sunny episodes with pops while drinking pocari sweat(Pokarri Suetto, for you japanese heads). Tokyo is pretty next, enough crazy shit, hit up harajuku yesterday, pretty tame compared to past visits, not too many bondage couples hanging outt but still pretty word up...Saw some high end retail goods that were way out of my price range, but i still fiend on them.cough cough louis vuitton sneaks

Anyway, another ill discovery of mine in the past couple days has been this thing called imeem ( it pretty much lets you browse their music library and compose your own playlists and publish them so others can listen and get schooled on some next next next bidnessss(Zeeeeeeeeeeen tings)
anyways, your main man loisonerism decided to get down on some essentials heres hte link for some serious head expansion, roll up a pillow of some killa in a philly and astral travel away(cant blid in tokyo, mad hectic shiest)
anyways heres the linkage

Arrigato bitches,
Lois 1

Dilla Related

Whatup Fellow Bliditarians,

Today is a pretty big day for myself, Feb 10 2006, is the year that probably one of the most talented and influential musicians died from a lengthy battle with Lupus, J-Dilla. Dilla was a really talented cat, he was responsible for the beats behind some of the best hip-hop songs, all the while maintaing almost anonymity from fans. 

In remembrance of dilla, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite dilla tracks, and hope that you too become a huge fan of dilla.
Think Twice-Big big track for posting
Climax- Ill track for posting with a breadle, plus gary coleman's in the video
FTP-Boom Boom
Runnin-I bet you all know this track/have bumped to it, but did u know dilla was behind the beat on this jam.The more you know
Reunion-Just peep it
R U Listenin-Dilla beat, Dilla's brother rapping...........
The Red-Dilla and Madlib Collab Kid

Peep Game, Spark Wood and Respect

Your Man,

ps...this is better than the 12 days fitchmas
pps. Perse

tha first date

in grade seven fitch went on his first date. whether or not he actually went on a legitimate date is unknown but i'm pretty sure he bought jessica window some flowers and held her hand. that's where it all began.

right now just danking on some beers and shit. drunk as you know it is.

where's wes?

A Good Place To Start

here on the first day of fitchmas we examine our friend's childhood.

when he was really young, fitch used to love the song "life is a highway" by tom cochrane. in fact, he loved it so much that every time he heard it he would take off all (yes all) of his clothes and run around the house naked. i can't even begin to speculate as to why he did this but there you have it. his uncle thought it was so funny that he would put the song on every time he was over. it is unclear as to whether or not he still does this. many thanks to cobb for telling me this story.

more on him later

The 12 Days Of Fitchmas

First off, let me commend all of the runners up for the Rasho of the year, for their hard work(i guess) in their various fields...anyways, one runner-up struck me as quite intriguing....Our dear Friend Young Zeus.

What set him apart from the other contestants was the fact that we all personally know Zeus and interact with him on a daily basis. However, he still managed to receive 0 votes on our rasho of they year..2008 was a big year for Zeus, with many many interesting events taking place which helped shape the man(nish boy) we all know now..

So in an effort to perhaps drum up some support for Zeus in 2009, Daily, we will uncover a story from young zeus' past, for your reading pleasure...There is alot to come in the next couple of tune in 

Your pal,


The votes are in and it's cito gaston as our rasho of the year for 2008.

first off, let me congratulate him on this most prestigious honor and thank all of this years participants for a great year.

i was at camp one day and a buddy came up to me and told me that the jays had fired gibby. when i asked who replaced him he said "who would be the best possible person to coach the jays?" he was right.

cito took over the team mid season and caused a huge turnaround. he improved the teams batting but injuries and the shadow of a poor first half proved to be a killer. he took a team from the gutter into contention for a playoff spot. the man took our beloved team and gave us hope and a meaningful season. he also brought that great attitude back to toronto.

and so we salute you, cito, and hope that you continue to be a rasho-like figure for the years to come.

will rogers never went to baltimore

Day 12

june, 1997.

driving up highway 115 to the cottage with my mom and chris feniak we decided to stop in at this zoo called jungle cat world. it's pretty sick, they have bears, lions, wolves, panthers and tigers just to name a few. my mom was off looking at something and i was looking at the tiger.

the tiger was just lying there and there was nothing between me and the great beast but one chain link fence and a small waist high hedge. for some reason i decided to start making dog noises like woof woof and shit. the tiger looked up at me and i just kept going. after thirty seconds or so the tiger sat up and i just kept going. woof woof woof woof. then the tiger pounced and started clawing at the very thin and weak fence. well, being the most frightening thing i had ever seen i flew backwards and landed about five feet away on my back. so there i was lying on the ground looking up at this huge beast standing over me. and that was the scariest moment of my life.

although this was not the most hilarious or complex story i've told over these past weeks i do think it is the most significant. i almost got mauled by a fucking tiger, and i'm not talking about placido "the placebo" polanco. no, not him.

so if there's anything we can take from these stories it's this: there's no point in going around looking for excitement. just live your life to the fullest and eventually excitement will find you. i think last night was a great example of that.

i still haven't fully come to grips with the events that transpired last night so i'll blog about it later this week.

stay tuned
Day Bow Bow....Chik Chik Chika