Butternut Reduction

One of the biggest questions affecting our world was poised to me today..

"What if you have to introduce someone who knows nothing, to Star Wars, how do you show them to them? The original 3 first, or the new 3 first"-Girv

After much thought and much discussion with a panel of experts in the field(myself,Girv,Yeltsew) We decided that yes, in true to the way we were introduced to the films, we would show them the first three then the more recent ones.

Anyway, Im sitting here taking in Rasho Nesterovic and all of his wonderfulness and wondering, wow, how did someone as Slovenian and as awkward as Rasho, come to be such a presence in the NBA....... and my answer, globalization folks, that means that instead of watching re-runs of the slovenian national handball team, he was watching Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman

Einhorn Out

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