yo, if your here because your hating on various posts made on ign boards please don't hate on this blog. on behalf of blidlife, i do apologize for our CBO's somewhat unorthadox advertising methods. while your here though, please feel free to peruse our enterprise.

onto other matters. this past week has been a great and historical one. chuck comes home to toronto, rsho hosts the raps in the indy while similtaniously and at the same time the graham crackers make smores (not a sexual refrence) and JO gets a mixed welcome.

this week's rasho of the week: andrea bargniani, for finnaly following in joey graham's footsteps and finally living up to his potential.

also, since we are in the new year the rasho of 2008 will have to be: a vote. why is it always me who chooses this shit. here are this year's nominees:

chuck swirsky
cito gaston
matt fitch
young pat
steve guttenberg

please vote for your favourite. without people to read the blog, we're just talking to each other

more to come

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