Day 8: I'm Henry, Clay Henry

it's been awhile since we talked baseball and considering it's 15 days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training (think about that: pitchers... and catchers) i thought i'd wet all of your appetites with this nugget from our friends over at DJF.

in march of 2001 i experienced one of the most life-altering moments of my life. i bit into a subway sandwich for the very first time. it was lunch hour at the great deer park. a school which has spawned such greats as: girv, lois, and that is all (yes, i realize many of our faithful readers went there as well). but i digress, it was suggested that we go to subway for lunch and i was a bit skeptical. at this point in my life i hadn't yet had my sideburns cut off and wasn't all that open to new experiences. but i went and ordered a six inch roast beef on hearty italian with cheese, lettuce and mayo. i do realize that this is rather plain but i was new and didn't quite know what i was getting into.

the woman who owned the subway on young just north of st. clair was a very nice asian woman named debbie. she got to know us pretty well after we became regulars and we were all happy.

after enjoying the sub my parents decided that they would fund daily subs because they saw it as an opportunity for me to get a healthy meal every day. if you don't yet understand the irony of this situation you will soon. after eating the roast beef for awhile i started adding bacon to it. this would prove to be a major breakthrough in my subway career.

after grade eight i moved to NT and we found a new subway on the way to fitch's house. we would go to subway and get lunch, then move on to the fitch household and watch a movie and eat our very satisfying submarines. our new spot had another very nice woman for a manager, i don't remember her name but one of the employees on her staff bared a striking resemblance to captain morgan. i shit you not, he was a fucking pirate.

by this time i was getting footlong BLTs, sometimes with extra bacon. get it now? i was in my prime, eating good (sort of), friendly with the staff, and enjoying having the same thing for lunch everyday.

at the start of grade ten we made a life-altering choice. we decided to start going to the other subway. this subway was our rival, i once had a twenty dollar bill that was counterfeit (no, i didn't make it). i got rid of it by buying a sub from them. we spent some time discussing whether or not to move. in the end we did and that's when we met tony. the manager of the new subway.

tony became our greatest manager yet, we were on a first name basis and i could walk into the place order "the usual" and sit at "our table". it was heaven, every day at 11:40.

our tenure at tony's was the longest and certainly most eventful of my career. we had a core group of five: me, gott, fitch, rabbot, and sean (the one from the girvan ouch). others would come and go but we were the core.

i remember on what i have come to know as "Black Monday" tony informed me that the head office had stopped sending him hearty italian bread. i may have cried a little. another poor day was when they discontinued the sub-club cards. at one point i had 22 full cards, that's 88 feet of BLT.

there were more bright spots than dark though. i remember when chicken parmesan was brought in and i finally switched to: footlong chicken strips (breaded) with bacon, shredded cheese, lettuce, onions, mayo, and honey garlic on italian herbs and cheese. yummers. the woman who made my lunch everyday was fantastic, i can't remember her name but i remember once tony was about to make my sub but got her to do it because he didn't want to ruin my lunch. oh that tony.

on the last day of grade twelve i got tony to sign my yearbook. i haven't seen him since.

fuck mr sub

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