Day 9: No, Not Like a Power Drill

hey ho, i realize that yesterday's entry was a fucking essay but i just had so much to say. hence the blog. i'll try to keep this one short.

june 26, 2006.
myself, gott, rabbot, malcolm and wes went to a jays game and were sitting in section 524A in one of the farthest rows back. we had been drinking (a lot), and were doing pretty well drunkwise. strangely, i've been to many jay's games but this was the only time i actually went drunk. i know this seems crazy and the boys at DJF would be ashamed but i have no excuse or explanation so i'll just move on.

we were playing the mets and we were chirping pretty well. i had a good one on julio franco but that's not the point. soon after the game started a cop came up to us and told us that he was "all for the hootin' and hollerin'[yes in those exact words] but wee're getting complaits and you guys need to keep it sown or i'll have to ask you to leave". don't ask me why but we were convinced that the bald guy five rows ahead of us was the one who complained so gott decided to tell him to get a "chromedomeium". i don't know what that is either but i don't think he appreciated it and yada yada yada we were on the TTC.

those of you not from toronto and some of you who are have probably never heard the radio station Q107 but every weekday morning they have what they call a "tool of the day". apparently the bald man we (gott) were heckling was none other than beloved toronto voice man andy frost. well, frost told the boys at the morning show and they thought it was pretty stupid so, seeing as they make their living on stupid, we became the "tools of the day". this may be my greatest claim to fame.

tune in next time

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