Day 6: The Birth of Fear

first off, i'm not sure what's going on here but although i agree whole-heartedly with what the post had to say i was not responsible for the post about jose. now this is starting to get weird. oh well.

although i can't remember when this happened exactly i can tell you that i was seven years old. my bed was fairly low to the ground and beside the head of my bed was a radiator which i used as a bed-side table. this wasn't very economical though because the top of the radiator was about a foot and a half above my bed.

one night i was playing with some silly putty when my mom told me to go to sleep. being the good, obedient child that i was i put the putty on the radiator and dozed off. i tend to move around a lot when i sleep and sometimes roll over. once i even woke up with my head at the foot of my bed having turned all the way around in my sleep.

i guess the silly putty fell off the rad and landed on my pillow only to have me roll over onto it because when i woke up i had a huge clump of putty stuck in my hair. for reasons i can't remember i didn't want my parents to know so i put on a tuque and pretended that i had hit my head and it was a harmless bump. this was an obvious lie because the lump stuck out about an inch.

luckily my mom cut the putty out of my hair. however, this left me with a bald spot on the side of my head. this can be quite traumatizing for a kid at such a young age. a few days later i went to the barber and had my hair cut to the same length as the spot which turned out to be a #4 buzz. from that day right up until this summer that was the only haircut i would get. i probably sub-consciously didn't want my hair to get any longer for fear of what might happen to it. but that fear is nothing compared to the other fear which was instilled in me by this traumatic experience.

even today i feel very nervous around silly putty and haven't touched any since that day.

now you know my darkest fear

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