The 100th Post

That's right ladies and gentlemen. this is the 100th post on Blidlife, a historic day in our proud history. there are many people who should be thanked by the writers of this fine blog but on a personal note i would like to thank my partner in crime lois einhorn. as a homage to lois here are a couple of his posts which never got posted:

Educated Opinions
Good afternoon,

So after having a very relaxing morning, and a fun time in class(yea thats right). I came home to catch up on some serious social networking...So i logged on, checked my facebook, and then something caught my eye...Someones status update featured a link to a blog, and then said and i quote "This guy is a huge dick, rape his blog"...So to quell my curiousity, I clicked the link, and read through it...I soon discovered that this blog was done by a bereaved parent who was attempting to change legislation regarding drinking and driving..And then in somewhat of a blind rage, it came to me...That the person who was commenting on the blog author being a dick was a fucking idiot(pardon my swearing)

This brought back to me, a revelation which I had previously, and promptly forgot. That those who are smug, and believe that they are smart and educated on a topic, usually are knuckleheads. Especially those who have dropped out of school, and believe that they are learing "street knowledge" and are smarter than everyone else due to the fact that they were too proverbially

A Few Words About Going Dumb
Good afternoon fine blidlifer's..Lois here, just having on a perse airport styles, enjoying the perks of free internet and overpriced food..but enough about my plight, lets talk about going dumb.

Going dumb, the term used to describe when someone is in a state of utter and complete ruckus.

and here are some people we would like to thank for other things:

AA-for the tunes
bambu-for paper
chron-for inspiration
david attenborough-for planet earth
fitch-for providing us with nuff material to write about
gott/campbell-for putting up with all my shit
mac dre-for hyphy
monica-for making Blidlife her homepage before i did
patty-for persey
rasho-for obvious reasons
shyssa/parkes-for believing without knowing who we are
tim/eric-for give us someone to look up to
wes-for the mess
willies-for sustenance

if we've left anyone out it's not because we don't like you, it's because we just forgot and it's not my fault. if you feel deserving of thanks please thank yourself in the comments section.

here's to you guys

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