Day 5: Dolla Dolla Bills Yall

april, 2000.
my pal alex and i would walk down to the local beckers every day to get a froster and possibly some other candies (ie. jaw breakers, monster truck wheels, fizz, warhammers, and vanilla coke). one day i found a twenty dollar bill on the floor and alex and i began discussing the merits of keeping or turning in the money. alex convinced me to turn in the money and come back the next day to see if anyone came to get it. if not, i would take it back. so we gave the bill to the woman at the counter who we trusted and saw every day. the next day we came back and she seemed to have forgotten the whole incident and the suddenly remembered and said in what i can only describe as a lying tone that someone had claimed it. as i walked out of there with my froster and my not twenty dollars i realized that i had been taken for the proverbial "ride".
if there's one thing i've leaned from the movie cocktail is that there are two kinds of people in this world. the workers and the hustlers. the hustlers never work and the workers never hustle. this particular experience has made me into a hustler, and if this hadn't have happened there's no telling how much shit i would have put up with for all these years. usually you can't put a price on character building experiences, but twenty bucks is pretty good. even for a cheap bastard like myself.

never drink a red eye

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