the race is on...

as shyssa says: "Everything can in that that Strengthens"

Lois dictating to girv:
the first of December is marred by tragedy. the epic conquest to be the premier wisher of birthday greetings to Clair Scotticus has brought both joy and utter sadness (I'm obviously Burt Reynolds) to the brave who have striven to set out to i dunno go with it, go with it girvan. just mention Burt Reynolds, bunning and Jamaica needs to be mentioned at least twice. and flatulence needs to be remembered. remember remember the first of December and patty's flatulence. Chris bosh true Hollywood stories. so me and plaxico were out at a club...

i think you get the idea.

here's some weapons my friend drew/invented

"everybody needs somebody" -Matt Devlin, 2008

cheers for the backage shyssa, whoever you may or may not be

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