scrappy thonksgorving bamericanos

another day, another 39 points for ole' chris. the man is on fire and he can't get enough of it.

i'm starting to actually get annoyed by marty york. i know he's a humble guy and all. he was reluctant when i asked him for an autograph all those years ago while he was the field umpire for a high school baseball game. imagine what that would be worth today!

you know who else is gettin on ma nerves. galen waston. the man needs to stop. immediately. i saw him doing a comercial last night for president's choice turky. as i was watching i couldn't help notice that it was american thanksgiving. we had ours a month ago. get a fucking life galen, no american is going to buy your shitty turky. then i got to wondering, would he eat the turky? would the second richest family in canada (not that big of a deal) sit down on christmas (religious fucks) and carve up a nice, buttery, president's choice turky. ish doont theenk soooo.

can a manz get a turk?

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