who is ray stevenson?

in addition to my last post that was about 20 mins ago. we examine the question who is the new punisher ray stevenson?

opon investigation of the question we realize that the question is rediculus and should not be examined any more than nick zarlinga's uni-brow (R.I.P.) (little inside i know).

here's a new segment for the blidlife universe: now you know.

did you know: the hippopotamus (or hip, hipop, hipopanonomous? (big daddy anyone)) has the smallest sperm in the animal kingdom. just try to prove me wrong. in fact, any blidlifer who does prove me wrong on a did you know segment will receive the persyest of prizes.

sorry about the brackets

i promise i'm done for the night

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Anonymous said...

This is Ray Stevenson:


and this:


and this:


and THIS:


OOF! Now you know!