daunte!!!!!!!! and other stuff.

hey hey daunte, hey hey hey.

culpepps returns to the league with the lions. i like this move as it may get detroit its first win of the season. GOOOOO LIONS!

i'm not actually a lions fan, i just love the fact that someone is giving ole daunte a chance and i hope this blows up in the face of the rest of the nfl and the lions make the playoffs and beat the patriots in the first round.

*this is not what i actually think will happen.

in other news the greatest fight of all time:

Zaun vs. Kypreos

let the battle begin.

greg zaun puts on the goalie pads, gets some tips from cujo and faces off in ten penalty shots in which kippper needs to make all ten to win(?).

1. kipper goes left and scores
2. kipper

10.kipper goes glove side and:

Zaunie! zaunie! zaunie!
Zaunie makes the saaaaaaaaaave!

what an event.

an event earning Zaun the rasho of the week award. we also wish him the best in his new endeavours as he has filed for free agency. good luck zaunie, i shall think of you fondly every time i have pancakes for breakfast.

well, it's election night tomorrow in the south of north america not including mexico.

in other newz: raps at 3-0 going into wednesday's game against detroit. the pistons just pulled off a blockbuster sending chauncy to denver for AI. i'm not worried. not even remotely. have you ever drank baileys from a shoe?

r-r-r-rim, r-rim crim

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