hey that's ok

doc rivers says to eddie house.

patty takes off his shirt.

sorry about that.

in the spirit of raps vs celts.

here's my favourite KG moment. forget the basketball this manz in fucking intense.

lovin the new now you know. ray allen born on an air force base 10 handicap golfer and a 150+
now you know.

jose's bobblehead does not look anything like him as he has pointed out. (no video available)

my buddy told me about his friend who climbed high into a tree one drunken evening. while up there, he was chirping people pretty hard until one guy started yelling back and caused a disturbance. this disturbance brought the cops to the scene, the man tried to explain to the cops that there was a man in the tree but they were not having any of it. the guy had shut up from the moment the cops got there and they arrested they guy on the ground for disturbing the peace.

now i can breath really quite relaxed

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