Apparently Its Still Cold in The D.....and stuff

Just when you thought it couldnt get any colder in the D, I stumbled across this video. Apparently people other than the blidlifers back her, and even let her on live radio to perform her pseudo-hit.

here is an excerpt from her live rendition
"Mason, he was like a brother to me, we all used to slang, and smoke them trees, play drinkin games and stuff, always into big thangs and stuff, it was getting wicked and stuff, so all we did was just kick it and stuff"

Sounds like a hit to me, just throw her on the autotune and well all be furlying to this jam at the dome.

Anyways, im done studying for this wacktackular french exam lets go dumb

Lois out.

Fuck Galen Weston

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