live from the lab.

Deuterostomes lab:

2:36: fitch is just on time.

2:38: lab begins late

2:40: lernin about urchins and sand dollars (echinoiderms). they have tube feet with suckers on the end. they also have aristotle's lantern. how the fuck did they get that? aristotle has been dead for fuckin years man. that lanturn must be really old.

2:42: mmmmmm, brittle stars. fitch is reading the paper, very interesting.

2:43: people walk by the door. we begin talking about sea cucumbers. apparently their ossicles are microscopic.

2:44: TA makes joke but she's the only one who laughs. ouch!

2:45: something that looks like one of those african trees. "oral surface directed upwards", "anus on oral side".

2:49: DO THE LOCOMOTION! (water vascular system)

2:52: first stupid question: hooray!

2:53: adult squirts are sessile.

2:55: life altering revelation: oh my gosh i'm a vertebrata! TA has thing for ocean sunfish.

2:56: some chick tries to get out of doing work but is rejected.

2:57: second stupid question. something about armpits.

2:59: test begins. back in a flash.

3:15: test over. caught cheating but nothing was done about it. muhaha.

3:19: movie begins. great effects, oscar worthy. not attenburough-sucks

3:22: great names in hawii.

3:26: here come the cucumbers. very scary music.

3:31: starfish do not give up their seacrets very easily.

3:42: persy high speed chase: snail vs starfish. snail doing well

3:43: snail loses, but another snail gets away. teamwork!

3:45: time to get a drink.

3:48: back just in time for the conclusion: the tree of life is a bush. now to do real stuff.

i'm ole greg

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Anonymous said...

you got caught cheating on one of those tests? man girvan that's tough, I leave my book open and I blatantly flip through the pages during the test and they don't even acknowledge the fact that I'm cheating.