Oh how glorious the United States are, our slightly more rotund, ignorant neighbours to the south are very welcoming when I state I am from Canada. i am currently in Chicago, known as teh windy city, not because of the weather, but due to the number of big-mouthed politicians..anyways, im persing here returning to the east coast tmrw, I checked on to see a glimpse of Mac drizzle and perhaps some persy rhetoric, but I was shocked to find that behind my back, el girvo was desecrating the name lois einhorn..so in rebuttal I would like to point out some things which I despise about one Girv

-Hes from Toronto
-He doesnt bun
He is a flagrant half stepper
He can't construct a half decent land sail to save his life
He has an affliction for all things pink and gay
He enjoys sitting on the lap of Uncle Benson a little too much

Peep this 


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Anonymous said...

hahah let the feud begin....


ps willys?