so it begins

well, it seems i have underestimated the technological advancements of our sisters to the south. never mind. ok lois lets dance!

some things i left out earlier:

does not respect losers
has a very good hook shot
finishes what he starts fairly regularly
often neglects his calculator
is, in fact, an alien (this has not yet been proven)
thinks explosions are cool
has been known to leave kitchens when he can't take the heat

as for this feud, i have gone with the honest approach by putting our profiles on the blog for all to see. i hope you will add to yours so we can all see what clever things you come up with next.
on a more desperate note, if you read our blog and are a member of google whatever. please register yourself as one of our followers. as you can see i have alredy registered myself. we don't have a whole lot of confidence here at blidlife so please anything you can do to help would be appreciated.

looking forward to seeing you

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