meat anyone?

good afternoon from the girv.

as lois mentioned, no recollection of last night woke up with half eaten willy's fries on my desk and an evil goblin playing steel drums in my frontal lobe (what?). well it's the next day and life is living itself to the fullest. I assume it's a beautiful day (I haven't been outside yet) and the prospect of a denim party tonight lifts my soul. although i was not aware of this until recently and didn't have enough time to go to value village i must resort to another, less denimy outfit. tonight i will be premireing my latest v.v. purchase. more on this as it develops.

if you find yourself in need of happiness, just close your eyes and think of one of the following things:

hover shoes
latvian hocky players
scotland's rolling hills
flying fish
ghettosocks on vinyl
abe linchon
stress balls shped like turtles
personalized parachutes
and finally...

zipperheads on a thursday


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