market frustrations/sweet home chicago

the first part of the title mentions some market frustrations, so lets start with that.

persed down at the farmers market with weaslee (yes weaslee), and found the persiest of apple ciders, but that's not what frustrates me. i found some seemingly persy husked corn and bought it (5 for $3), then as i made my way to another section of the maze that is the Keith's brewery i found some unhusked corn which would have been far persier. i love husking corn on a Saturday midday. I'm still satisfied with my purchase as it is still fairly perse. i shall cook it this midday and it will delish.

not sure if you noticed but i just used five different forms of the word persey in that last paragraph.

don't believe me?
check for yourself

as for lois, he's in chi-town for the weekend and is most likely without access to the world wide web. so, i will take this opportunity to trash him behind his back.

here's a list of things i don't care for about lois:

-he probably doesn't like brussel sprouts (why does no one like brussel sprouts?)
-he is not a world class tap dancer
-he can't keep a secret that he doesn't know is supposed to be a secret
-when he falls over, he sometimes hurts himself
-he dots his "i"s with more of an oval than a circle or dot
-if he was writing a menu for a restaurant, he probably wouldn't include any exclamation points
-he smells really bad after getting lots of physical exercise
-he claims to be good at croquet but i haven't seen any evidence to support that
-doesn't know Lloyd Roberson personally

well that's just a few, but you get the point.

no, i don't like brussel sprouts either

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