I got the Broux Blues

a few things about life that i thought you all should know.

our good friend SGS has graciously provided us with an alternate spelling of an alternate pronunciation of bro. instead of broo (which is absolutely ridiculous) it shall now be spelled "broux". isn't that refreshing? i think so.

here's a wee tidbit of info which may require more typing than usual.

the varsity blues (football team of UofT) was on a dandy 49 game losing streak at the start of the season until they beat waterloo on labour day. they were down 17-15 with 26.2 seconds remaining in the fourth. the kicker lined up for a 32 yard Field goal. he had missed two FGs already in his first game, in his first year of university. he made the kick and propelled the blues to a 18-17 win. that kicker just so happens to be a good friend's little brother. Andrew lomasney grew up playing football at moore park with his brother and his brothers friends. he used to kick off to a young girv who would use his unbelievable speed to subsequently run them in for touchdowns about 90% of the time. so really, UofT should be praising me. had it not been for all those touchdowns i scored off him in the nineties, he never would have been able to get over the first two misses to win the game. he also wouldn't have been able to get over the waterloo player's harsh chirping. apparently they used their superior intellect and lack of female distractions to come up with such gems as: "number 15 you suck" and "your going to miss it". Ouch, I hope lomasney's seeking therapy.

he finished the season at 5 for 10 and the blues finished at 2 and 6.
I guess that's good, it's not like I have a football team to cheer for or anything.

of course andrew is our blidlife athlete of the time before scotty because he did this a month or so ago. better late than never.

this week's ATW is that ref that took out the QB in that college football game the other night.
nice hit!

this week's rasho is going to have to be campbell for his acquisition of "sex and a story" the other night.

welcome mr. parkes

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