Not a word, a feeling

you may have noticed some minor changes to the blidlife logo. in the top right hand corner is the number 12. this is the number of rasho nesterovic, the official(?) sponsor of blidlife. some of you may be wondering: why do you guys worship him. well here are the reasons why everyone doesn't worship him:

doesn't put up lots of points
not very good looking
flys under the radar
looks and acts very awkwardly
plays in indiana
he runs like a rasho

and here's why we love him:

he runs like a rasho

that says it all. the man is a leader, he's a wily vet, he plays a good d, he has his own style, and he doesn't give a shit about shit. these are qualities that we here at blidlife admire. and that is why we worship rasho.

in the upper left hand corner you may see the face and hair (or hair and face) of someone who you cannot recognize. this is Mac Dre. another blidlife hero. while rasho exhibits many of the qualities in which we try to live our lives, Mac Dre exibits the rest of them. girv and lois, rasho and dre. since rasho is more my side of blidlife and dre is lois' I'll let him explain dre's significance in a blog post to come.

the other addition to the logo is the phrase "Not a word, a feeling". when this statement came to me it was as if i finally understood the blue man group, as if i had just watched a tim and eric movie without once being confused. it all made sense. who knew such a short statement could be so profound. because blidlife isn't a word (seriously look it up, you won't find it anywhere), it's a way of life. but just saying it's a way of life wasn't enough, because it's more than that. it's a feeling (or felin').

it's the feeling you get when your higher than buzz aldrin (not that i would know anything about that).
when your so drunk, donairs actually taste good
when your doing a 180 at the top of a 30 foot standing wave
when you reach the top of an overhang
when you pass biochem (not that i would know anything about that)
when you stand at the shore of the ocean in a hurricane
when you run from a hotel chased by security guards
when you bite into a willy's "whizz philly"
when you play barret's privateers on electric mandolin
when you hit that straight-away bank shot
when you have money in your bank account
when you ghost ride on a downhill slope
when the band starts playing patty murphy
when shrimp and white wine are consumed simultaneously
when rasho hits a three
when you realize that your life would make an awesome movie that would definitely not win an oscar

when you smash

you see it's all of these things and more: It's not just a word, it's a feeling.

keep felin' it

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