holy shit i totally forgot we had this blog!

just kidding, i know your all probably pissed off that we have been so inactive lately, well maybe not. so here's what's happening. we had a bunch of work during the first week of our absence, and in the second week we were on vacation. ok, so i didn't actually go anywhere but it was still a vacation.

now we're back in full force and things should get back up to the usual.

lets start with a little unfinished business.

one of the remaining ten days of fitch:

3. call me lazy but he and i have been through so much over the years that it's only natural that our days would cross over at least once. in case you don't remember here's: the night.

more to come.

i think it's also time to give out the rasho award again.

our current winner: shawn marion.
the man is fitting in very well with the raps and is playing really well also. hopefully we keep him around.

another announcement:

from a business standpoint, blidlife international is beginning operations as a consulting firm. myself, president and CLO, and lois (our CBO) would be happy to try and answer any questions you may want to ask us.

we will try to keep the blog going at full speed in the time leading up to our one year anniversary.

till next time

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