Fitch Revisited

So today is the day we are restarting our daily musings and insight into the life of Matt Fitch, helping you, the blidlife reader(s) understand the mole that is affectionately known as zanglefeen.

August 2003

So Fitch and his parents went to mexico, a typical family vacay you know sun seafood and hula dancing under the moon...As I can recall it, he decided to go touring the mayan ruins with his family for a full day. Due to Fitch's extensive consumption of wine coolers the previous night he was in a fairly inebriated state and generally haggard living. Being the absent-minded kid he is he got on the bus and was halfway to the ruins when he realized that he did not shower that morning, and also he forgot his glasses in the fray.

Due to this lack of vision, he was very much out of his element and confused. To make a very long and boring story very short, it turns out that fitch hit on a guy who he thought was agirl, was inducted into a cult which worshipped moles, and got his glasses back thanks to the help of a wily and lith wizard named James Patterson

Just bun,

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