Barack Supports Quitters

OK, so alonzo mourning isn't that bad of a quitter but does anyone else remember when he was traded to the raps as part of the carter deal and refused to play for us. then he went back to miami and won himself a championship. i do. but seriously, he had a great carrer and according to people who seem to like him he was a pretty good guy. even obama took time out of his busy schedule to read him a letter that he wrote for him. i didn't see that part of the ceremony but isn't that what you do when a loved one is in AA or something. anyways he deserves it. which brings me to the question of who will be the first to have their number retired by the raps (or el raps as they are known in mexico). the poll is up and it's running.

so is it just me or is it snowing outside? wasn't i wearing shorts and sandals two days ago or did i just imagine that? oh well, i guess we cant put the pants away just yet.

so michigan state is in the final four. i must say this is exciting, i hope we see a state/'nova final so fitch and i can get into a legitimate ncaa beef. in other news, the raps are killing it against teams under .300 at home recently. mathematically we are still alive so, playoffs?

we shall see


Anonymous said...

Mo Pete... by default


Larry big bessy Besser said...

ayo this barry lesser be a meng and take my pic down shit is mad wang steez
- rasheed 'CB4' wallace

Girv said...

oh come on barry, you look good. in that first picture it looks like an engaging conversation your having about policy or failing kids. do try to lighten up.