The land of the rising bun

Oh crap, its been awhile eh, sorry to our reader(s) for not keeping up on the blog tip but mid terms and some boom bliddery has kept me away from my keyboard..but enough with the excuses, i am currently situated in my hotel room on the 35th floor looking out over the vast expanse which is tokyo, it is pretty foggy, but i can see alot, next buildings and people generally frolicking..Due to this little thing called jetlag ive been up since 3am watching taken and assorted sunny episodes with pops while drinking pocari sweat(Pokarri Suetto, for you japanese heads). Tokyo is pretty next, enough crazy shit, hit up harajuku yesterday, pretty tame compared to past visits, not too many bondage couples hanging outt but still pretty word up...Saw some high end retail goods that were way out of my price range, but i still fiend on them.cough cough louis vuitton sneaks

Anyway, another ill discovery of mine in the past couple days has been this thing called imeem ( it pretty much lets you browse their music library and compose your own playlists and publish them so others can listen and get schooled on some next next next bidnessss(Zeeeeeeeeeeen tings)
anyways, your main man loisonerism decided to get down on some essentials heres hte link for some serious head expansion, roll up a pillow of some killa in a philly and astral travel away(cant blid in tokyo, mad hectic shiest)
anyways heres the linkage

Arrigato bitches,
Lois 1

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