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ok so in grade ten a bunch of us were at someones house watching some movie at about one in the afternoon. exam week was two weeks away and fitch gets a call from his dad (cobb not bio-dad). cobb tells him that he needs to come home and study for six hours before dinner. i should reiterate that exams were two weeks away and it was grade ten. fitch did well in school back then.

ok so the world baseball classic is into round two and canada is out. there are a few people i would like to thank for this prestigious loss: ryan dempster, rich harden, erik bedard, and of course, jeff "canadian pitchers can't stay healthy" francis. apparently, during the games in toronto kevin youkilis felt "like a member of the visiting team" while playing for the americans. in this article he talks about how he hopes the US gets more fan support in the US than they got in canada. my favourite part is when he says that the team is trying to do good things for the country ie. the troops. from the other side of the spectrum. do not be surprised by the dutch winning two games against the dominicans and almost beating the puerto ricans. if you have ever met a dutch person you know that they are on a completely different level of consciousness from the rest of us. yes, the drugs help, but they are also all fucking nuts. personally, i have enjoyed the tournament so far and if you like baseball, i recommend watching any game. they're all good.

on that note i would like to present our next rasho of the year award to joey votto for showing up to the WBC. this was an obvious choice because he was the only one.

the brier is this week and times are good. kevin martin is killing it and the howard bros are being their usual quirky senile old selves.

went to the great big sea concert last night and it was good. spirit of the west was impressiva as an opener, if you like home for a rest and that type of music you should look into them because they have a lot of quality music. great big sea kept taking about playing at the lower deck back in the day. is it possible that signal hill could become popular outside of halifax. that could turn out being more annoying than twitter. have you heard of this twitter. you can text a short statement to twitter and they post it on the internet and you can sign up to receive updates on what your favorite celebrities are doing. who the fuck cares what your doing. if this catches on like facebook i might have to move to sangala. i here it's nice there.

i also realize that i blog about what i'm doing on a fairly regular basis, but this is just to pass the time. no one actually reads this do they? do they? if your reading this you really should stop wasting your time. lois and i really don't lead very exciting lives. do yourself a favor and go read a book.

i hear war and peace is good

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