The votes are in and it's cito gaston as our rasho of the year for 2008.

first off, let me congratulate him on this most prestigious honor and thank all of this years participants for a great year.

i was at camp one day and a buddy came up to me and told me that the jays had fired gibby. when i asked who replaced him he said "who would be the best possible person to coach the jays?" he was right.

cito took over the team mid season and caused a huge turnaround. he improved the teams batting but injuries and the shadow of a poor first half proved to be a killer. he took a team from the gutter into contention for a playoff spot. the man took our beloved team and gave us hope and a meaningful season. he also brought that great attitude back to toronto.

and so we salute you, cito, and hope that you continue to be a rasho-like figure for the years to come.

will rogers never went to baltimore

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