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Whatup Fellow Bliditarians,

Today is a pretty big day for myself, Feb 10 2006, is the year that probably one of the most talented and influential musicians died from a lengthy battle with Lupus, J-Dilla. Dilla was a really talented cat, he was responsible for the beats behind some of the best hip-hop songs, all the while maintaing almost anonymity from fans. 

In remembrance of dilla, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite dilla tracks, and hope that you too become a huge fan of dilla.
Think Twice-Big big track for posting
Climax- Ill track for posting with a breadle, plus gary coleman's in the video
FTP-Boom Boom
Runnin-I bet you all know this track/have bumped to it, but did u know dilla was behind the beat on this jam.The more you know
Reunion-Just peep it
R U Listenin-Dilla beat, Dilla's brother rapping...........
The Red-Dilla and Madlib Collab Kid

Peep Game, Spark Wood and Respect

Your Man,

ps...this is better than the 12 days fitchmas
pps. Perse

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