The 12 Days Of Fitchmas

First off, let me commend all of the runners up for the Rasho of the year, for their hard work(i guess) in their various fields...anyways, one runner-up struck me as quite intriguing....Our dear Friend Young Zeus.

What set him apart from the other contestants was the fact that we all personally know Zeus and interact with him on a daily basis. However, he still managed to receive 0 votes on our rasho of they year..2008 was a big year for Zeus, with many many interesting events taking place which helped shape the man(nish boy) we all know now..

So in an effort to perhaps drum up some support for Zeus in 2009, Daily, we will uncover a story from young zeus' past, for your reading pleasure...There is alot to come in the next couple of tune in 

Your pal,

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