the college team i root for is superior to the college team you root for.

Michigan st. is going to the national championship! and i didn't even do anything.

sorry to see villanova go but you can't win 'em all. my heart goes out to all the nova and uconn fans but especially fitch who may or may not have had the night of his life last night. i'm leaning towards not.

speaking of last night, adventures abound for lois and i. we met this girl who wanted us to call her nicha (not sure how to spell it) because she was using her sister's id. found out later that her name was actually tessa. where do people come up with this shit for their children. it's like they put all the scrabble letters into a hat, pick five and there's your child's name.

went to 8east after and watched numerous scraps and kids getting booked while all these chumps were coming out of pacifico (ie. the devil's house).

and here's some parting advice, it takes 5 people to finish a torpedo keg, 4 just doesn't cut it these days. also, even though exams are upon us and we all have shit to do we should not neglect our duty to the sweet nectar.

and for god sakes don't drink the bong water

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Anonymous said...

yo so girv, i forgot to mention this when we ran into eachother but apparently barry lesser is scared of fog and won't go outside if he sees it.