girv here,
welcome to blid life, a blog created by myself and the members of the house whose address I'll leave out for obvious reasons.

that's enough of an intro.

just sitting here watchin' blade runner with the boys, and talking about carrot cake. personally i don't like carrot cake, the chunks of carrot among the soft cake, the mouth feel is terrible. Benson thinks were watching star wars. he says if he saw someone eating an eyeball, he would gag

on another note, TJ Ford needs a vacation. i recommend papa new guinea, maybe if he lived with cannibals for awhile, he'd learn to appreciate being second best. but seriously, I'm a big fan of TJ, he's been through so much this year. he just needs to reevaluate his situation and learn his place and help the team. wednesday's game is a must win, the team needs to learn how to play defense without bosh.

meanwhile, in Florida, the jays play the red sox tomorrow, it's our regular lineup batting against dice-k. the guy is a great pitcher but is over hyped. the media attention he got last year was too much. it's like the Kobe fans this year. this guy has an excellent collection of Kobe fan shit. my favourite is the guy who thinks shaq day should be march 32nd.

on a more somber note, the drummer of ABBA just died. normally i wouldn't care but he fell through a pane of glass and cut his throat. i can't help but feel bad for the guy.

that's all i got for now, Harrison ford's chasin' some chick in a saran wrap jacket through the street.


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