it's hot dog season

girv here,

thats right folks. spring is here and the hot dogs are cooking, i know that a toaster oven is an odd place to cook a hot dog, and I'm came pretty close to setting off the fire alarm. oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained i suppose.

the jays released sal fasano, I'm not too happy with JP on this one, I'm a firm believer in the clubhouse atmosphere and think that a team that doesn't get along has no chance of winning anything. sal will be missed and i hope he finds a home.

on that note, our old pal reed johnson got 1.3 mil from the cubbies for a year of services. perhaps reed is the final piece the cubs need to end their absurdly long drought and bring the championship home on the 100th anniversary of the team's last win . then again, perhaps not.

raps-pistons tonight, look for rasho to have a big game. no particular reason, i'm always looking for rasho to have a big game, and he never disappoints. except when he plays poorly.

NCAA regionals this weekend, spartans have their toughest matchup yet. fuck memphis, we can take them.

so far I'm 2 for 2 on beat the streak, that means I'm tied for the lead. that $1, 000,000 is mine. next: chipper jones.

well thats it